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A Challenge for Hillary Clinton: Return to a JFK Growth Agenda
But it looks like she's going the wrong way
By Lawrence Kudlow, April 22, 2015

When John F. Kennedy was elected president he surprised both Democrats and Republicans with a bold tax-cutting plan to solve the problem of a moribund economy. He had campaigned on "getting the country moving again," and had set a 5 percent economic-growth target, but he never specified how he was going to do it. Then he opened everyone's eyes with a plan to lower marginal tax rates across-the-board.

JFK's advisors proposed a traditional Democratic approach: temporary targeted tax cuts. But Kennedy insisted on lower tax rates that would create much higher rewards for work, saving, and investment. And Kennedy argued that his lower tax-rate incentives would so expand the economy that after a few years his tax cuts would pay for themselves.

He was right ...

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