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Zuckerberg's Conservative Battle
Where there's smoke, there's fire.
By Lawrence Kudlow, May 25, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg and his massive social-media site Facebook have come under strong criticism for allegedly suppressing stories of interest for conservative readers from its influential "trending" news section. Facebook has roughly 1.6 billion users worldwide, of whom 167 million are in the United States. Its "trending" topics is therefore a powerful political influence.

Zuckerberg has denied the charges, and he will meet Wednesday with a handful of conservatives to discuss allegations that Facebook's "news curators" have manipulated its list of stories. The way it works at Facebook is that this powerful group of curators, or editors, who have access to a ranked list of trending topics generated by the company's algorithms, control the content of the trending-news section. In effect, these curators exercise gatekeeping powers which amount to political news-making powers that are transmitted to Facebook's massive audience. Even the New York Times published an article this week titled "Social Media Finds New Roll as News and Entertainment Curator." ...

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