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Index Capital Gains for Inflation, Mr. President
Doing so will correct a tax injustice and spark a prosperity wave, too.
By Lawrence Kudlow and James Carter, Aug 16, 2017

Donald Trump's pledge to "Make America Great Again" requires nothing less than reigniting economic growth and prosperity. Wealth creation is essential. Yet as Congress pivots to tax reform -- which is crucial to the wealth creation that will put the nation back on the prosperous path -- the president can take matters into his own hands by issuing an executive order to index capital gains for inflation.

President Trump's absolutely best economic policy so far has been his relentless rampage against onerous, burdensome, costly, prosperity-killing regulations on business. And the taxation of inflationary capital gains fits right in there. It is an unfair and misguided policy that punishes risk and success. The president should use his executive authority -- as he so often has to drain the swamp -- to remove this prosperity-killing practice.

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