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Finding Strength in Melania Trump
She's making me take a second look at Donald.
By Lawrence Kudlow, Oct 21, 2016

When the now–infamous Donald Trump/Billy Bush audio feed was released, my confidence in Donald Trump all but evaporated. The so-called locker-room conversation – about kissing, groping, and fondling women -- was worse than locker room. It was vile, vulgar, and inexcusable for a grown man.

But it didn't end with the audio tape. After that came a barrage of sexual-assault allegations from various women against Trump, drowning out any talk of substantive issues. No wonder his polls slid.

He was a stock looking for a bottom.

In the second debate, just days after the audio-tape release, he did apologize, and he did get to some key issues. I thought his stock might be finding a bottom.

But then he re-hit the campaign trail with bizarre statements about...

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